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communityUK is the new online platform for community engagement.

Our genuine and effective public consultation replicates both the good points of traditional exhibitions and the opportunities granted by online engagements.

The principles of the platform are accesssibility, participation and interactivity - and we'd love to show you how we're changing the face of consultation.

Your team will give a live Q&A presentation – and you can have up to six presenters – and a host will receive live written questions from the watching audience. The team can answer those questions and receive follow-ups.

It works on phones, tablets and desktop computers and is completely intuitive.

We have carried out many hundreds of these Q&A events using our platform. Council officers and senior councillors have praised the outcomes. Highlights:

  • Residents don’t need to download anything in advance. No Zoom, no Teams, no Skype, nothing. Just go online and join in.
  • There’s no limit to the numbers that can take part.
  • Audiences can participate but can’t dominate proceedings, meaning that all residents can contribute equally.
  • We can require participants’ sign in OR allow open access – it depends what is best for your project.
  • Numbers of participants are recorded, as is the session itself, ensuring full accountability.

Drop us a line at or call 0800 955 1042.