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communityUK is a robust consultation platform for public bodies, private sector organisations, and community groups.

It allows planning teams to make live presentations, take questions live from watching residents and answer those questions.

Residents will be able to see team members, CGIs, fly-throughs, models – anything you want.

It’s easy to use – no downloads are needed by residents. One click and you are in.

Unlike the standard platforms, there is no opportunity for watching viewers to disrupt or dominate.

It's very interactive, and participation is maximised.  It's the first step to positive support for your scheme.

Key Themes of communityUK

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"It's a brilliant system. It helped gain buy-in for my scheme, and was the key to our development success."

"communityUK is a game-changer.  It's accessible, maximises participation, and robust.  It's a perfect solution for our council, and I encourage all developers to use it."

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