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communityUK's features mean no one can dominate or disrupt an event!

There are great features in communityUK that give greater interactivity to residents, whilst ensuring that no one can dominate or disrupt a meeting.  Every one has equal access to put their questions, which means the silent majority are not silenced.

The features include interactive elements like polling, participative surveys, and video & audio questions - as well as a great method for everyone to put questions to the team.

The system allows things like flythroughs and videos to be shown; it has a great way to archive the events so people can search through an event quickly; and it has a targeted email and reminder system.

Residents are quick to tell us they like the interactive elements - and that feeds through to how they view the developments.  They like to be able to influence the decisions of the developers, or at least to be able to put their views as to how it can be improved.