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communityUK gives you a feature-rich consultation website to hold events for local residents.

Consultation event features:

• Named account manager.
• No downloading of Teams or Zoom.
• Event disruption proof.
• Regular emails to residents.
• One click calendar button.
• Video questions.
• No limit to audience numbers.
• Suitable for mobiles and desktops.
• ADA and WCAG accessibility compliant tools.


Website features:

• Before and after sliders, videos, and fly-throughs all fully integrated into professionally designed web-pages, designed to show off your scheme.
• FAQ (frequently-asked-questions) system.
• Interactive maps.
• Timeline, to answer questions like “when will you
start construction”.
• Custom-branded websites, to fit your corporate design.

Consultation events
Share your view

Share your view features:

• Help gather letters of support.
• Secure data and GDPR compliant.
• Easy-to-use surveys for meaningful results.
• Geo-targeted social media posts, to reach all parts of the community.
• Analysis of demographics, key issues and support.


Other features:

• Clients include national & local government,
and private sector.
• SCI included in the price.
• Cost-effective for the client and time effective for
the team.
• Includes a letter or newsletter to local residents.
• Uses QR codes.
• Builds social value with your community.
• Works for pre-application consultation, during the
planning submission and post-consent engagement.

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