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CommunityUK is an online consultation platform and the best way to engage with local communities for planning or infrastructure projects.

  • CommunityUK is a one click system.  It's highly accessible for residents to take part, with no downloads required.  It takes 20 seconds to register and ask a question.
  • CommunityUK is tried and trusted.  It's used by both local authorities and developers of all sizes, and exceeds all advisory and statutory requirements.
  • CommunityUK means no disrupted events.  Consultation events are fully participatory, and can't be disrupted.

What about you? Take the next step in digital consultation for cost-effective, time-efficient consultations.  You will get a feature-rich consultation website, to hold events that increase participation among those less inclined to attend traditional exhibitions. 

We can help you carry out meaningful surveys, that can be viewed by the client in real time.  We've got a great archiving facility, to show recorded video events alongside all the questions that were asked. 

And our events are highly professional, with TV quality, captions and online guides.