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Key Themes of communityUK

The key themes of communityUK

It is highly accessible, highly participative, and robust

Participation in our events is massively up compared to traditional exhibitions, as the system is so accessible for older people, younger people and professionals alike.  Residents like the two-way dialogue which come from the way the system works.

The interactive features mean no one can dominate or disrupt a meeting

There are great features in communityUK that give greater interactivity to residents, whilst ensuring that no one can dominate or disrupt a meeting.  Every one has equal access to put their questions, which means the silent majority are not silenced.

The system can help generate positive support for your scheme

This is the first step in gaining support for your scheme that translates into a planning committee approval, a good development, and local buy-in.  We can help by increasing participation, ensuring the system is accessible, and making sure residents feel they can interact with the developer in a positive manner. We also work closely with supportUK, to gain buy-in for your scheme.